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Thread: Lovecraft mythos

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    Lovecraft mythos

    I'm real excited about cthulhu. So I hope this is the place to talk about the possibility of more lovecraft gods and monster. Seems right so I'm going with it. My personal favorite is azathoth, the blind idiot god. I feel he may be a little too op though. Awakening from his slumber and ending all of existence. Still though, a very cool god.
    Another could be hastur the king in yellow. I think this one is more likely a pick. It's the half brother of cthulhu. He has a deep hatred for his half brother. So a battle of beasts is his entry. Have you seen the yellow sign?

    Is hastur creating a army?

    The character models would be so damn good. Just give them a look, give it a thought. Beg hi-rez to do it. That's what counts is community vote.

    Though that may be a future for smite. What is the plan for cthulhu? Madness is sweeping smite. What will come of cthulhu's return?

    Can't wait to play him. Take some time to appreciate h.p. lovecrafts monster mythos. In celebration of the return of cthulhu and in preparation for the future. I'll look for the yellow sign just in case a challenger steps forth. Have you seen the yellow sign?
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    Would be cool to have Nyarlathotep too!

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