Hey, I'm coming out here with a very big warning of these two people, I got recently suspended for 2 days cause of these two, I had a 3/1 Bastet (playing clash) and these two kept nagging on the mage that she didn't heal enough, and kept nagging on me that I wasn't ganking (even though I was a higher level than those two lol.) They are known to be trolls too.

they come from a group called Primal Wolves, and they usually abuse report people for doing WAYYYY better than them, this is not meant for witch hunt anyone, but more or less as a warning, cause I got my account suspended for no reason, so I'm helping y'all to stay away from these people and its a bit funny how they wanna say I suck, however that Ra is 0/3 and isn't building healing items,just report them if they do anything likely to you.