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Thread: Are Asia/SEA Servers always this bad? (From Early 2019-2020)

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    Are Asia/SEA Servers always this bad? (From Early 2019-2020)

    I'm not sure if SEA servers are always this bad, but I don't remember having this lag when playing from late 2016 to 2018 with an average ping of 70-120.

    I leave and just come back from hiatus because of server state (during early 2019) that always have 120-150 pings (and seemingly can't find a match), but now it seems even worse than before, even though it got 90-160 pings but now it also heavily rubberbanding where I teleport around and can't use ground ability/place ward to where I original click (EG: Use then quickly turn 180' it appear later, worse I seen 2-3 Ghost Ability Projectile), also it mostly started with 1-3 disconnected players too.

    I even ask everyone (that aren't chat with or having a [][][] name) after the match and they are also lagging as well, worse, most already vote Server Stability 1 Star for a while but nothing has been done.

    I not sure if this will ever reach the Hi-Rez/Titan Forge but this old Arena Casual player just wanted to play his favourite game/MOBA.

    PS: Can't post on Reddit because AutoMod thinking this is COVID19 issues.

    Edit: I can provide a video clip, so it will not look like I over-exaggerated it.
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