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Thread: [EU] LF some dudes/dudettes for playtime

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    [EU] LF some dudes/dudettes for playtime

    After a 5y hiatus i've returned to play the game. Sadly i no longer have a network within the community, so i wish to mingle a bit again.

    I'm not looking for high end competative play, but some people that have a more laid back view of the game will fit me personally best for now.
    Mostly just want to be able to play consistently with a more select group, rather than just new people every game - rolling the dice if someone will be toxic, ragequit after one death or something similar.

    I am a shit warrior, decent jungler, adc and mage. Fairly okay Guardian

    hmu either here, IG: Snowginger or Disc: #Snowginger1392 if you are interested.
    Clans or individuals, i'm not really fuzzed.
    Closing up to 30 myself, i do generally get along better with more mature people.

    Cya around!
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