Lately I've come across a few people who actually take pride in being toxic. Some spam toxic comments from the beginning of the game for no obvious reasons and others simply stay afk after dying 2 times within the first minute of the game.

One such incident I found very interesting. A guy by the name almaistra stayed afk all game. Later, I wrote out in the chat to report him. A few minutes later a pop up showed that I got reported. Then he writes in chat saying - "Are you happy now? ". Ofcourse, I could see no information if he was premade or not as no clan name was visible.

I tried looking up the guy in smite but apparently the profile isn't visible. I tried to look his profile up in smite guru, but it seems that the profile was last played a year back. I don't know who this guy is but, he seems to enjoy doing stuff like this.

Any thoughts how he manages to do this.