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Thread: Worst matchmaking i have ever seen in any moba

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    Worst matchmaking i have ever seen in any moba

    Hi everyone,

    I am a new player, I have been playing for about a month now, I am already at level 30 and unfortunately, (yes, unfortunately), I put money into this game because I found it visually very nice and I thought that technical support and mathmaking in this game were decent, similar to any other moba. But I have realized that it is not so.

    Normally I play arenas, where everything could happen, so most of the time I play with people who are new and against people who have much more experience in the game, that means that I lose more matches than I win, due to lack of experience. So, today i wanted to play my first 2 matches in rank, which I lost in the most humiliating and disgusting way, since I had to play against diamond and platinum rank players. How is this possible if I am a level 30 bronze 3 player, without any experience in ranked?

    What kind of matchmaking puts a platinum player face off against a newcomer bronze like me, to get basaically a free easy win? How does the matchmaking work in this game that allows this kind of parties so excessively unbalanced? Can someone explain this to me?, because it doesnt make any sense.

    Never in my life in any other moba that I had played, I saw such a level of injustice and unbalance in matchmaking, by far the one in this game is the worst that exists. I want to vomit because of what I experienced in my first (and maybe last) 2 rank matches I played today

    If someone explains this nonsense to me, thank you very much.

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    Seeing how many threads you've made whining about the exact same thing each time would lead me to believe you have a role in your problems with the game.

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    Smite doesn't really care about balancing arena match making. It's a second thought game mode that doesn't really matter in the long run.

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