I have a particular qualm with the user interface that I've found annoying for years. I recently started watching a few pro players on twitch/youtube, and I noticed that they looked like they have the same issue as me (but didn't vocalize it).

When you level up, your skills start flashing to tell you which skills you can level up. But this is an annoyance because it prevents you from being able to easily see which skills you have on cooldown, unless you stop looking at what's going on, and look down at your skill bar to differentiate between the skill timer and the annoying flashing.

This is particularly annoying on gods where it is advantageous to skip leveling a skill at level 4 (and/or level 8).

There should be a way to disable the flashing and just have the skill boxes have the highlighted edges.

Is there a "secret" way to disable this through one of the config files? I haven't been able to find such a setting.