So, the original battlepass gived us 2 chest were we can get free skins, but now, that chest its just in the premium battlepass, whats next? in a few pass we lose the wards? and then the emotes? then the titles? and we will arrive at a point were we won just favor a viewers points? that are prob the most useless feature on smite, yeah they can rework clans so they would be usefull but nah, lets get investing on try forcing people to see our streams, hirez, your streams and streamers are boring, its simple as that, and its sad and horrible that you try to force people to see them, i dont want to get skins by being forced to see a guy that its boring, i like to get FREE STUFF, FOR FREE, but yeah, smite its dyng and its normal that the free stuff get disapered in question of time.