I've been playing Smite on and off for a number of years. I always know that Tuesday is patch day, and it will probably be unstable...which is a joke, in itself. You'd think after so many years of managing the same game and engine, that you'd have a grip on how to NOT mess up a patch. You have a PTS server...what is it even for?

Tonight....tonight was awful. Not only did the patch completely wreck the game, but after multiple failed attempts to play, it was only THEN that you decided to announce that you were working on old servers, so transferred us to a different server.

Why wouldn't you be transparent to start and say "Hey guys, we are going to do some work on the servers, game will be unplayable...just an FYI". No...you wait until last minute. Then, after waiting hours, you announce that the servers are now operational again...yet, no.. they are not. Still getting kicked out of queues before launch. Please....please get your patch shit together. This is just bad.

INB4 "lolol it's just a game patch days are always wonky"...this night was especially wonky and it seems like they bit off more than they could chew with the UI changes. That's scary. This is why smite is in the dumps, as is. They just can't handle big moves.

Also INB4 .."then don't play the game if you think it sux lawl"..I don't think the GAME sucks. I think the management of the game and how they handle the game sucks. My criticism comes from a place of actually wanting the devs to succeed in salvaging this game.