that's right, maties. i ain't finished yet. my smite pro series on youtube is starting today as well. in this series i will showcase mainly my awesomeness. however if i come across another awesome player i might show them as well. it is very rare that i battle against someone who has at least comparable skill to myself.

the first video in this series is a battle that occurred fairly recently. it is the most intense assault battle that i have had since getting back on this game. it was quite thrilling and reminded me of the good old days.
and yet, i am still fresh on this game after being gone for more than a year. the power that i display in this video is far below my prime.

My Expansion

in order to aid my youtube videos in gaining popularity, i will expand to the smite reddit and possibly discord if they have a server there. from now on, not only will i be making a name for myself in-game and on these forums, but on those platforms as well.
the entire smite community will be exposed to my supreme grandeur. my greatness will propagate through all vessels of this community and my legend will persist forever.

any thoughts or opinions?