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Thread: Desperately in need of a veto option.

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    Desperately in need of a veto option.

    Of my last 5 games, I got support twice, and carry once. I want to point out that I queue as solo / jungle because I can't stand support/carry if I am not able to effectively communicate with my teammate. This means that despite Q'ing, I get my least favourite roles more often than I do what I Q for. I wouldn't mind getting shunted out of a Q and put in the next Q if it meant I wouldn't have to be held hostage by this game and forced to play a role I'd rather just quit the match (I don't do this because teammates and penalty for doing it, but from the time I load in, I already am screaming to be done with the match).

    Also, is it just me, or does it seem like the chance for getting a role you aren't Q'ing for increases after a bad match? The last bad match I had where I got the role I wanted, I was solo lane, and my jungle *REFUSED* to rotate over and help grab blue, and I couldn't do it myself without losing lane, so I was starving for mana the entire match and lost my lane anyways, then the next match? you guessed it... support.

    WTF Hi-Rez. This sort of BS makes me just want to stop playing. /rant

    TL;DR: I seem to be getting roles I like the least too often, and want to an option to veto certain roles when Q'ing.

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    i feel your pain my man. i suggest maining assault instead.

    this issue with q'ing will likely not be resolved anytime soon. assault is the best option. there is only one lane so you can mid all you want. there isn't much of a jungle so you won't have to worry about jungle rotations either. even if you end up with a champion or role that you don't like, you have at least 10 chances to get something else before the battle starts.

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