hello everyone. i know this took a while, but i finally got around to uploading my returning smite battle to youtube. it is quite interesting indeed. the actual battle happened over a month ago. grab a snack and enjoy the show.

ever since then i have recorded a number of even more interesting and entertaining battles. if this youtube thing becomes popular enough i will consider doing voice overs so that i can directly explain my thoughts and stuff. as of right now, it seems like the extra effort is not really worth it.

i'm planning on making a playlist on my youtube channel called "Smite Idiots" or something along those lines. it will be a series where i upload videos of battles where players are just genuinely doing stupid or significantly suboptimal shit.
it will be hilariously entertaining. of course the voice over would make it way better because i can really trash these guys, like like i said before i will only do the voice over if enough people become interested and view these videos.

so what do you guys think of my red carpet battle and my future plans?