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Thread: Can we have the option to opt out of Auto fill roles please?

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    Can we have the option to opt out of Auto fill roles please?

    I really don't like being forced into playing Solo or Jungle. Two of my worst roles, there is no point in convincing others to switch roles even if you have proof that you'r bad at your worst role the reality is that your teammates will not give up their selected role just so you can take your main role.

    So I play the role I was forced into and I always get bested by actually everyone in the game and If I'm jungle I become so useless that even the support plays better than me. I always get invaded by superior junglers, I request help to deal with the threat and mostly nothing comes and even if the threat does get delt with I'm always dead or near dead which is awful.

    So when I play jungle or Solo I have to pick an off meta god and just power farm, split push and hope i win which works best for me but is a very bad stragety for your team if you're gonna play jungle for real. I had to gamble with hopes that my team wont rage quit on me because I don't want to take that 50/50 chance of fucking up the gank, dying or losing too much health.

    Solo isn't too bad but it's a very boring role where you and the other solo tank just live forever, deal laughable damage, in some cases I cannot hold down the fort and lose the tower, also taking teleport on solo is mandatory and not fun to use I know it's a personal opinion but it's something I can never get used to, it's lame and boring to play.

    In this day and age accessibility has become the norm and moba games should adapt to this. And when I say this I mean: Allow the player play the role he is comfortable. Not buffing items, gods, buffs, structures, just because of accessibility then that will ruin the competitive nature of the game. But there needs to be a point where players should be comfortable with the role they're given and not have it forced on them and make them feel bad for sucking when they've tried and keep on failing to the point that it feels futile to improve because you're this weak link to the team.

    The point of Moba games is to work as a team and it's way much better to play as your best role/god so that your team doesn't fail.

    That's all for my bickering on the lack of auto fill. Get on this Hi-rez. C'mon. Chop chop, spit spot.

    Gool duck fave hun!

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    They could make it that if you opt out, and you would have been stuck with a role you didn't select, that you have to wait through another queue ("Matchmaker couldn't find a match").

    This would be a fair tradeoff, that I'm sure many people would opt for.

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    It is very frustrating for sure and I think it is a flawed system. I just take the 10min deserter penalty. Waste everyone's time like HiRez wasted mine. What is the point in picking a role? If you dont get it and only works half the time?

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