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Thread: Chiron needs a buff

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    Chiron needs a buff

    Chiron seems so weak and you can say that maybe I'm playing wrong but I beg to differ.

    No matter the build, he doesn't shine.

    His heal is insignificant, his skills have a pretty high CD, his escape... I mean... its hard to use in narrow spaces. If you build him for dmg as you should build a hunter, his skills are basically useless
    I really don't see any situation where he could do better than any other hunter. He does a bit of everything and basically nothing at all.

    Any thoughts?

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    Chiron has always been good and then they buffed his base AS and gave him Hels best ability. Now Chiron is among the best hunters.

    I give you a situation: dmg on 50+yds. what other hunter does this? Neith? Rama who has 3 circles? You have 3 line pass through projectiles, like 3 freaking ra ults and a follow up that slows. He can deal dmg in a fight with absolutely 0 commit. He can get brawlers on a whole team by himself. To boot he has a long range escape although a bit quirky and can get interrupted, then he has Hels best skill even if Chirons is slightly worse it can do a lot of work played right.

    He needs high power and pene, titans over exec in general for chiron. Then you can either go ability with him with cdr builds (fail not malice, a bow for AS) or jotuns hydra for burst play and mana. You can go classic hunter exec, qins, some power some lifesteal but yes Chiron is not as good at this as some other hunters who have better stims. So Chiron is better vs squishy teams, right now we are in a bit of a tank meta, you often see 3 frontliners and chiron is not as good in those situations as someone with a good stim. But that doesn't mean chiron is UP, it just not his best meta right now. With titans and exec, high power and some bows + asi, thanks to his now higher base AS he actually does a really good job at taking on tanks unlike before when it was a big downside, now he simply does not do it as well, and he shouldn't cause he is an ability hunter 100%, just like Neith.

    Something to think about: you can play Chiron assassin and Kali for adc. Kali doesn't mind a cleanse when she ults and gets stunned ^^ Kali doesn't like to build brawlers, Chiron loves it. Let kali get her power, hasted, qins anti tank build and exec and do her 1v1 dmg then you can just ult on top and get benefit from that juicy exec stacks and not even having to build it yourself. Add a guan to this and they will have 0 phys prots with high power, your ult will kill everything and you will have 2 frontliners with stuns to set up easy ult shots. Both kali and guan are a bit of "I engage and my team falls in behind me / around me". Well chiron doesn't even have to commit he just ults doesn't have to go to dangerous position to help with dmg. Put a nox or smth to hold the midfield and disrupt their front and a nice backline guardian like kehp and you have a great team. 2front, 1 mid, 1 back chiron and one flex which is kehp who can be mid, back or even front. it will poo on most 3 fronts really hard by just wearing them down and putting in dmg on combos, don't even look on their backline with this team unless they move up hard then guan+chiron+nox ult is deadly.
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    Chiron is one of my mains, works like charm.

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