It is not a question but a statement. The past 3 days the connection within any and all clash games around the country of the Netherlands has been severely under all critique. This issue should be fixed as to create a suitable and fair gaming atmosphere for all the participants and not just a select few. With regards to the damages this can cause it can lead to frustration and stress under the false accusations from other players who are not suffering these issues can deliver onto such as myself. Meaning that It is a witch hunt for the person who is suffering the issue for supposedly not trying. Thinking 10 steps ahead is never fun when all you see during your game play is teleportation of people left and right. That being said, I believe that with the technical capacity which the Smite creators possess such a trivial issue can be fixed relatively fast, as to not further damage the experience, the game and the overall opinion of the community. Thank you kindly for reading this. Kind regards- A concerned player.
P.s The ping ranges are usually from 150 to 1000 and no it has nothing to do with my router.