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Thread: Stop to create new god and skin and go to optimize the game

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    Stop to create new god and skin and go to optimize the game


    I love smite and it's my favorite MOBA, but more i play and see the evolution of game, more i see defect. The new god and skin can be cool, but i prefer to see better graphics, better design character , better map (just optimize the solo lane for warrior), a better game wich i can run without any difficulties! there are so many defect to repair, to ameliorate and the alone thing i see... it's a new god and skin... it's not bad, but it's not the better time to do this and force it.

    I wanted to say this for some reaction and hope the staff of smite see this, cause i really think it's a possibility to smite going better and take some place in the moba podium.

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    Just an fyi, Hi Rez has stated and shown that they are going to rework/update some characters, Rama's mini rework and Artemis' ultimate update were recently revealed.

    I completely agree with the graphics issue, new stuff is fine but some of the old character models and textures are very out of place. For example, the texture on Fenrir still looks the same as back in the older seasons which is terrible since modern SMITE features more bright coloring and try to be less gloomy, the 'shadows' of the fur are too dark, the fire/lava doesn't pop enough and neither do the chains which are the key defining features of the character. And then you get to character models like Cupid, literally a baby with a giant head, he could be changed to a young boy with the same character age as OLD Ne Zha and imo that would be way better than what he is now. And we have seen in the past that remodels are generally loved by most of the community ie. Hades and Bacchus.

    This game definitely still has old bugs that could be fixed, I recently made a bug report on certain abilities showing animations but not actually activating (going on cooldown). For example, I stopped playing Kali for a while because I kept getting into situations in which I press ult, the game literally SHOWS that my ult went off but then the game doesn't register it so I ended up dying. This might be a connection thing, but my laptop is pretty okay and my internet connection is great so idk what I can do at this point, been playing for 3 years now and in this season my ping is an average of 100 to 110.

    As for the classes like Warrior, I will quote SoloDoubleJ "just reduce base damage and increase scaling, this way a tank can't delete someone while having barely any power items". Obviously solo lane is two tanks smacking each other and that might seem boring and bad design, but I am pretty sure that's intentional and I find it relaxing.

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