I'm in OCE (formally from NA, until about a year ago), and although the community is smaller here, it's popular enough that we get quite a few matches.

For the last month or so, nearly every second match is loading into a region outside of Australia (i.e. OCE), including EU, SEA, Brazil, and NA. It's also not trying to group with players in both servers, as the entire player base on both teams resides in the OCE region, and the party leader (often myself) has set the server preference to Australia.

I think a lot of people have submitted tickets but it's never been addressed. Anyone got an idea of how to bring this up better with Hirez team? I recognize that OCE is a "less important" player base, but this is still a pretty unusual issue.

Examples of recent matches where I've loaded into the wrong region:

Note - I'm aware that server maintenance is happening now. Perhaps it's being looked at, but still worth noting.