So me and my brother started playing Smite at the mid to end of season 2 and we really liked it and really started to play a lot of Smite, 10+ matches a day, even in week days. During that time we found a clan and decided to join and clickly we found out that there wasn't any real benefit to being in a clan I mean there were a few smaller benefits but nothing major. And after my brother started working and I started to play alone I quickly fell out of the routine of playing as Smite. Somehow not playing with my brother made it less fun and so I tried to find a new clan, but once again since everything seemed to be done outside of the game I quickly stoped having an interest in being in a clan.

So I wonder to myself. Is there a way to make clans in smite work in order to actually be fun and interesting. Should Smite follow RPG's mindset when it comes to clan.

Things like:

- Better Ingame Clan interface
- Guildhalls or forts that could be evolved with actual prizes
- Ingame ClanVsClan tornaments or IntraClan tornaments
- Making Teams inside Clans
- Chatrooms for Clans

Honestly, by making Clan into a useful thing for each individual player, maybe it would be easying for the community, mods and devs to moderate the harmful and hateful behavior.

I don't know, this is my opinion... What to you think?