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Thread: Baba Yaga Concept

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    Baba Yaga Concept


    So I have the artistic range of a teaspoon unfortunately, so I'm not the best at drawing.

    However for Baba Yaga I was thinking of two skin concepts:

    Gingerbread Hag (Hanzel and Gretel) in which she could have a house made of candy.

    Wizard of Oz, in which the house could be Dorothy's and Baba Yaga could be the Wicked Witch of the West or Dorothy herself with red slippers.

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    I actually thought of this idea too, and I hope TF considers it, a classic, stereotypical witch skin for Baba Yaga would be really fun to play as, if we got Fenrir werewolf, why not Baba Yaga classic witch? maybe if we repost near Halloween or something, we might get lucky

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