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Thread: Baba Yaga is trash, change her abilities

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    Baba Yaga is trash, change her abilities

    I figured out how to change her abilities for the better

    ability 1: change inadequate curve paths, current inadequate forms of the path are a kind of perversion
    -new ways will be like combining abilities (Janus 2) + (Baron Samedi 1)
    -when activated, it will release 2 curved paths forward
    -let the path be wider
    -(+)the left side of the path has the effect of numbness, and the right side has the effect of freezing movement
    -(+)reactivating ability changes sides effects by parties
    -the effect of movement speed is additionally superimposed on each side
    //permanently remove the effect of increasing protection, she is not support

    ability 2: ability hits only by accident
    -increase ability radius
    -can do something similar as with (Yemoja 1 - Bubble)
    //the current ability is broken, the speed of pulling the second potion out of inventory differs depending on keys 2 or c

    ability 3: reactivation instantly activates her, what is she waiting for there?
    -let her get full immunity to almost any control under the boiler
    //(+)you can radically change the ability so that it jumps out only upon reactivation
    //(+)if activation does not occur, it will be located under the boiler, as in the most reliable safe with 7 sacred seals, this action protects it from this world for 5 - 10 seconds

    ability 4: everything is wonderful, only it shakes like a drunk drunk, correct
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    I've gotten to lvl 7 Baba Yaga on Smite (Switch). I think her design has a lot of good principles but some practical issues as pointed above.

    The ring path doesn't fit in with her other abilities. If you want to keep the curve skill shot you could make it a crescent with extra range, but the travel time must be faster. It lags in the current state as well. All her abilities suffer from this to a degree. It could also stay the shortest range and just travel forward and back along a straight line, dealing reduced damage on the 2nd hit. Even a hook shape could work.

    The 2 has the worst bug by far. Two potions can get stuck where using either consumable or 2 will just swap endlessly back and forth making it useless, unfirable. Not even death lifts this curse. When you can fire and store the 2 it lags to throw, even when you drop it where you're standing. It feels terrible, like a forced handy cap. Other characters drop more damage instantly and you don't even see them on the map. The design is flavorful and fun, but impossible to use effectively in battle.

    3 is mostly perfect, could use a little more immunity, except from stuns, interrupts or cripples. Or alternatively could always complete the animation with protections but won't let you jump?

    Ultimate is kind of disappointing to use. Looks amazing, but has no purpose. The health shield is laughable to use defensively, but lags so hard that it can't be used offensively. Corner cases allow for it to be good sometimes, but if it had a similar feeling to jormungandrs 1 it would feel better. Clearly seeing where it will land, and feeling responsive. You can't even throw one ball to chase a one health enemy, chances are it will be just short every time.

    Much love to the baba Yaga design team!!! ❤️❤️❤️ She is so much fun and flavorful that I don't really wanna play anyone else! Even with the occasional glitch. I've only experienced them 5 times in the first 3 days of playing, about 25 games of Baba Yaga.

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    I think babas design is awesome. Voice pack, animations, everything, a great evil character.

    I only played one game with her and
    It lags in the current state as well. All her abilities suffer from this to a degree.
    I'm glad it wasn't just me feeling this. Some awkwardness is going on in the kit that makes it feel cumbersome to use. Sometimes I get off the first shot with ult pretty fast and you just continue to lob like an artillery, sometimes nothing happens first shot comes waaaay late and everything goes to shit and feels like shit.

    Her 1 generally feels nice and responsive.

    2 feels like its better to not use at all mid battle unless you get a long CC for setup.

    When I faced a Yaga her 3 took her miles away from the battlefield, hard to catch. Dodged my abilities with it and just went way back. When I used it it got canceled all the time, I got away like 5yds. Might have been slowed and silenced faced a thanna and a kuku. Didn't understand this ability at all and where its good and what counters it.
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