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Thread: Idea For New God

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    Idea For New God

    I've had this idea for a while. I think a good choice for a new god would be Inari Okami, or O-Inari. The Japanese Lord of Foxes. He is the lord of fertility, rice, tea and sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success. He is the patron of swordsmiths, blacksmiths, merchants, and protector of warriors. His foxes are pure white in color.

    I feel his stats should be as follows:

    Forms: He can shift between human form, and fox form.

    In human form, his weapon is a Japanese sword (Presumably a katana, but designer's choice; a sword to signify his being patron of swordsmiths), and he wears a traditional Japanese kimono, with the symbol of Inari on the back, and red laquered, with black edges, splinted armor at his shoulders, and forearms, and at his hips, and calves (Minimal armor to show freedom of movement, while at the same time signifying his being patron of blacksmiths), a giant corked gourd of sake strapped to his back.

    In fox form, he is a fox in form (Similar to Ratatoskr's animal form, but a fox), but is pure white in color. He wears a red votive bib around his neck. His attacks are bite attacks.


    Pantheon: Japanese
    Attacks: Physical
    Role: Guardian


    Passive Ability: Human: Protector: Increases nearby allies defenses, and reduces crowd control, in a 35 area. Each normal attack increases the protection, stack 6.

    Passive Ability: Fox: Prosperity: Each normal attack increases gold earned by 10%, maximum stack 6. When near allies, in a 35 range, his stack is halved, and nearby allies gain the other half of the stack (Even numbers halve evenly (EX: Stack of 4 = 2/2), odd numbers Inari gets the higher number (EX: Stack 3 = 2/1)


    Ability 1: Human: Bamboo Field (Ability: Ground Target / Affects: Enemy / Damage: Physical) Forms a field of sharpened bamboo stakes to suddenly grow from the ground. Enemies caught in the effect, or those who enter it, receive damage every 0.5 seconds, and lasts for 5 seconds. Slow down 25%.

    Ability 1: Fox: Pounce (Ability: Leap / Affects: Enemy / Damage: Physical) Inari leaps at an enemy to damage, pouncing up to two more enemies if within 5 of the original target.


    Ability 2: Human: Circle of Swords (Ability: Circle around self / Affects: Enemy / Damage: Physical): A circle of swords rises from the ground, to rotate around Inari for 5 seconds, damaging enemies Inari comes into contact with, new damage applied each second he is in contact with an enemy.

    Ability 2: Fox: Fox Frenzy Run (Ability: Dash / Affects: Enemy/Self / Damage: Physical): Inari runs blindly around, for 5 seconds, in a straight line. If he hits an enemy (causing damage), or structure, or is hit by an attack, he will bank off of them in a random direction, until he hits another enemy or structure, until the time expires. Defense increases, movement speed +25%.


    Ability 3: Human: Drunkenness: (Ability: Area / Affects: Enemy /Damage: Magical) Inari uncorks the sake gourd on his back, the fumes affecting all enemies in a 30 radius, lowering their ability to target allies, and preventing them from walking in a straight line, as they stagger back and forth while moving. Duration 5 seconds, cooldown 45 seconds.

    Ability 3: Fox: Burrow: (Ability: Area Damage / Affects: Enemy / Damage: Physical): Inari burrows under the ground, becoming invisible to enemies for purposes of being attacked. He can burrow under an enemy, and burst up through the ground, tossing the enemy, as he damages them. Duration underground 5 seconds, movement speed -25%.


    Ability 4: Shift Forms: Allows Inari to shift forms between human and fox. Cooldown 1 second.
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