So, I have been playing Smite for a long time now, and I have for the longest time always wondered why Smite has decided to take the route it has for its cosmetic systems. As we all know the game has chests which the majority of cosmetics we purchase are stashed, and I know that a lot of people would rather just purchase these awesome skins to use in game rather than waste their time, and money, on a chest.

Let's look at this from a business standpoint shall we. Smites skins cost anywhere between 300-1200 gems. Assuming you purchase the $100 8000 gem bundle for gems (as it does provide you the best gems to dollar amount) your gems are worth $1 per 80 gems. This means that a 300 gem skin costs about $3.75, so rounded to $4 for 320 gems and a 1200 gem skin costs about $15 exactly.

So if we take a look at the various skins in the game there are not that many skins for sale outside of chests. But chests are usually in the neck of the woods of about 400 gems depending on if the chest is on sale or not. So with a standard 400 gem chest that's $5 a roll. So if the skin you want to purchase is from a chest you can purchase it ONLY if that chest is available and its 3 times the amount, no one wants to pay $15 for a skin that technically costs $5.

So the proposal is simple. Allowing player to purchase skins whenever they want regardless of whether the skin is in a chest or not. This means skin's that are not in a chest at the moment can finally be purchased by players, however the price of the skin would not be 3 times the amount, but instead would be 600, 700, or 800 gems depending on the skin.

Having all of these great looking skins locked away behind chests that may or may not be there is unfair for players that don't want to invest hundreds of dollars into, or feel like they have to get the skin now otherwise they will never be able to purchase it. Not to mention that with the ability to purchase any skin you want whether a chest is available or not at these cheaper prices would mean more money if players were not willing to wait for the chests to roll around. This same logic can be applied to everything in the game, wards, frames, pedestals, themes, titles, etc.

Of course you could have new skins remain chest limited for a few patches and then put them up for players to purchase after a patch or two after the chest goes down or what have you, but chests should (in my opinion) be viewed as a RNG way of acquiring skins for a cheaper price than what the skin would normally go for. I understand that Smite has been using this chest system for years so knowing what a skins going price is, is a bit hard to pin down but as long as that price isn't $15 I'm pretty sure Hi-Rez could make a decent chunk of change day 1 upon adding this into the game.

Do you agree? Or disagree? If your a dev or other staff member do you think I have no idea what i'm talking about? Let me know down below and we can discuss.