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Thread: [Detailed - God Concept] Cao Cao, Son of Heaven

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    [Detailed - God Concept] Cao Cao, Son of Heaven

    Hello I'm doing a series of god concepts each month for all pantheons, today we are doing a long requested character to hit the SMITE series, Cao Cao. The message below will remain throughout all of my god concepts.

    DISCLAIMER: First lets talk about why each of these Gods were chosen, mostly because lots of them are either huge figures within their mythologies, or very unique figures that maybe aren't gods but play an important part that changes mythological history. I don't expect any of these characters to actually make it in SMITE in the future but I do expect at least one of them to. All images have their credits to the artists and if they aren't watermarked I will do my research for the artists, I will also post sources to each character to which I know their mythologies. I will be doing these every month a god for each pantheon, I will also make a New Pantheon Concept post as well if this is well received.

    Chinese Pantheon

    Cao Cao, Son of Heaven
    (Artist: Ayami Kojima )

    NOTE: I would love to give a shoutout to Nathill for his same concept of this post inspires this character concept with major changes in mine.

    Cao Cao is famously known to have almost godly ruling, and manipulation throughout the end of Han's Dynasty unlike any other general during the time. Cao Pi (his son) posthumously declared Cao Cao as "Son of Heaven".

    "Cao Cao (c. 155-220 CE) was a military dictator in ancient China during the end of the Han dynasty. Something more than a mere warlord, Cao Cao supported a puppet emperor and governed a large area of northern China. His attempts to unify China ultimately failed, but he did found the large state of Wei and introduced various administrative changes including a new social ranking system and land reforms. Cao Cao’s ruthless objective of recapturing the lost glory of the Han empire, his manipulation of the imperial court and association with unsavoury political intrigues have resulted in an ambiguous reputation which has darkened ever since his portrayal as the villain of the popular 14th-century CE epic the Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Aponte, Jose. “Ryujin ' Cao Cao " Ancient Origins.” Ryujin ' Cao Cao " Ancient Origins, Blogger, 7 Feb. 2020.

    Theme: Leadership. The attempts to unify China failed although his way of leading Wei, with such an evil presence is ultimately impressive, he did this with manipulation of the imperial court which is no easy task.

    Visuals: We would picture him as his prime time during his days as a warlord instead of his leadership in the land, having him look in his battle years which he would be late 30s, signs of aging. His armor would reflect his wealth and the Wei's colors being blue, the match of the palette would be blue, gold, violet, and black.

    Personality: Chaotic Neutral. His ways of handling the unification are very brutal and cruel, yet while doing this his way of handling of Wei are very neutral as he wants what is best for his own people while best for his own family as well.

    Perspective: Cao Cao is a very determined, and worthy character to lead the charge. His view from other gods can be thought of as a tyrant be feared, a man of complications. Many interactions can be found with Zhong Kui and Guan Yu.

    Focus: Diversity in play-style with stats, you will notice that Cao Cao would be a bruiser mage like Zhong Kui, and a busier like Guan Yu as it seems to be the theme with the Han Dynasty. His damage actually would come from his auto attacks, while a few of his abilities will deal some decent damage they aren't as powerful compared to his auto-attacks if built right.

    Class: Mage, Melee
    Difficulty to Play: Very Hard
    Possible Roles:
    Jungler [ Y ]
    ADC [ N ]
    Support [ N ]
    Mid [ Y/N ]
    Solo [ Y ]

    Health: 390 (+82)
    Mana: 215 (+38)
    Speed: 370 (+0)
    Range: 12 (+0)
    Attack/Sec: 0.90 (+1.85%)
    Attack Dmg: 36 (+2.6)
    Phys. Proc: 11 (+2.2)
    Magic Proc: 31 (+0.5)
    HP5: 12 (+0)
    MP5: 3.7 (+0.45)
    Dmg. Progress: 1/ 0.5 / 1 / 1.25x
    Speed Progress: 1 / 0.5 / 0.5 / 1.5x

    Before we get to the abilities let me give you a taste of what unique Cao Cao abilities contain:
    - An objective-slayer passive that grants more rewards for killing jungle bosses, and Gods.
    - A true damage enemy-against-enemy ability.
    - A two-casting style ability, that can be positioned separately.
    - A locked on stance swapping mobility pet with six stances for six different situations.
    - Ultimate that can be triggered on parry.

    Passive - Enduring Ambition

    Long description: After killing or assisting an objective, Cao Cao gains a set amount of stacks depending on the objective, these stacks are his ambition, this ambition gives him + .05 attack speed per a stack, +5 in health and mana per a stack, temporary shield that is 10% of his current health that lasts 30 seconds, if he lands the final blow on the objective this temporary boost last five seconds longer. These stacks max at 20 which gives him an aura that gives his teammates a attack speed buff if they are within 50 ft. Jungle monsters and Totem of Ku give 0.25 in stacks, killing a god gives 0.5 stacks (assists give no stacks), killing the mini-jungle bosses (pyromancer/gold fury) gives 3 stacks, killing the jungle boss (Bull Demon King/Fire Giant/Wild Juggernaut/Apophis) gives 10 stacks. In Arena earning stacks is doubled.

    In-game description: Killing an objective or god four times rewards Cao Cao with a set amount of stacks for ambition, granting attack speed, health, mana, a temporary 10% shield and small movement speed boost. At 20 maxed stacks, allied gods are granted attack speed buff within 50 ft. Arena earning stacks is doubled.

    Appearance: After gaining a stack a sound of war drums only audible to Cao Cao is played for a two seconds, with a small effect over Cao Cao's head of the Wei Banner waving in the air which lasts as well for two seconds, this lets the player know they successfully gained a stack. When Cao Cao gains the final stack reaching 20, a flute in celebration plays with drums in celebration for two seconds only audible to Cao Cao, the Wei Banner waves in the air again above Cao Cao with lunar celebration decals to symbolize the finishing of 20 stacks once again lasts 2 seconds, a permanent blue aura surrounds Cao Cao and allies to give the attack speed.

    One stack:
    +.05 attack speed
    +5 in health and mana
    10% shield for 30 seconds (+5 seconds on final blow)
    20 stacks:
    +1.00 attack speed
    +100 health and mana
    +10% Attack speed Aura within 50 ft.

    First Ability - Ending Rebellions

    Long description: Cao Cao swings his sword two times horizontally, the first swing is a short cone and fast not dealing damage but if one enemy or jungle monster is caught they are mesmerized to surrender the enemy will follow move towards Cao Cao for 2 seconds, if two or three (max is 3) enemies are caught in the swing they are mesmerized to rebel against each other randomly casting one ability or auto attacking at each other dealing damage to themselves this last 2 seconds as well.

    The second swing is a larger cone, slower one second after the first swing, leaves Cao Cao vunerable increasing 10% damage taken for 3 second, deals a large amount of damage and slows the enemies/jungle monsters for 2 seconds. If both swings hit Cao Cao gains a temporary small movement speed boost to escape or chase for 3 seconds.

    Cao Cao can move while casting this, and this ability lasts 2 seconds in attack animation, and 3 seconds in movement speed/damage taken.

    Summary: The first swing deals no damage but if one enemy is hit they listen to Cao Cao for a second (CC), if more than two are hit, the two attack each other with one ability, or auto attack (Random), the second swing takes a bit longer than the first, slows, and deals damage but leaves Cao Cao to take more oncoming damage.

    In-game description: Cao Cao swings two times, the first slow swing either forcing three or two to rebel against each other or mesmerize one. The second fast swing catches Cao Cao leaves him vulnerable, yet the swing deals high damage. If both swings hit, he is given a small movement speed buff for 3 seconds.

    Appearance: A blue small cone, and a faint purple large cone, with a Wei flag falling to the ground after the swings symbolizing his movement speed boost for a retreat or chase.

    Plays with this:

    - If Cao Cao is being ganked he can use this to CC the enemies, while this will be risky at damage taken he will have the movement speed to escape the situation.

    - When Cao Cao ganks two or three enemies he is able to CC them for his teammates to join in, the slow will help win the gank, and the rebellion CC will cause the enemies to attack each other once dealing more damage.
    Similarities (Disclaimer: This ability still is unique but like every ability in the game they relate to another ability.): Cao Cao's first swing is like Discordia's Strife except Cao Cao's swing doesn't do additional damage, and when the god's attack each other it's full damage to each other with what they use. Cao Cao's second swing is like Mulan's swings, except all in one with less damage.

    Ability Type: Cone
    Rebellion (2 or 3): 2s/2s/3s/3s/3.5s
    Mesmerized (1): 2s/3s/3s/3s/3.5s
    Damage on Second Swing: 75 / 110 / 165 / 200 / 235 (+25% of your Magical Power)
    Slow on Second Swing: 25%
    Slow Duration: 2 seconds
    Cost: 75/80/85/90/95
    Range of first swing: 20 ft
    Range of second swing: 25 ft
    Cooldown: 11s

    Second Ability - Wei's Battle Plans

    Long Description: Cao Cao drops a scroll of his plans at his feet, summoning Wei archers behind him, and Wei infantry in-front of him, Cao Cao can pick where the archers fire in a box with flaming arrows all at once for a second and disappear while the box lasts for three seconds and is a floor hazard, while his infantry can't be moved and are in front of Cao Cao once casted unless Cao Cao refires the ability right after casting the infantries will charge in a short damage dealing the rest of the damage threshold they had left (in better explanation, think of Anubis's one, except he is able to refire it during the spray if he refires it the locust will charge forward dealing the rest of the damage he had left during the spray) if Cao Cao doesn't refire this, they attack in a short cone for 3 seconds, the infantry do more base damage than the archers and grant Cao Cao a boost in protections unless Cao Cao refired it than the protections are cancelled, while the archers will cripple enemy gods for one second at reduced damage. Cao Cao can move while casting this, but if he moves during this the infantry charge with him, while the archers stay behind.


    - Cao Cao can first place where the archers shoot, once he placed those the archers aren't casted until the soldiers are placed, once the soldiers are placed. Both archers and soldiers attack at the same time either in different places or in different angles.

    - The archers fire arrows in a box, if the arrows hit a god it does additional damage and cripples, once the arrows are on the ground it makes a fire hazard on the floor for three seconds dealing small tick damage.

    - The infantry are placed right in front of Cao Cao, and can't be moved like the archer's box. Once the soldiers are placed they attack in tick damage in front of them at a short cone. These infantry are granting protections when doing tick damage, and only doing tick damage. If Cao Cao refires the ability, he loses the protections, and the infantry charge forward doing the rest of the tick damage at once.

    In-game description: A scroll of Cao Cao's plans are dropped, archers summoned behind Cao Cao fire in a area commanded by Cao Cao with flaming arrows and crippling enemies within the area, while his infantry are summoned right in front of him defending the general granting protections to Cao Cao dealing damage in a cone, and can charge if refired but will lose protections.

    Appearance: Three by six archers are behind him in purple armor with a vertical direction and small purple box that can be moved, while four soldiers in blue are in front of him attacking in a blue large cone.

    Plays with this:

    - Contesting between a camp or a jungle boss can be hard, but with Cao Cao General's Plans is the best ability to use during the situation. First you use the archers to attack the gods, and create a floor hazard for them to not be able to pass through unless they risk taking damage. Then you use the soldiers to attack the objective/camp leaving them there for three seconds while they deal damage to the Fire Giant contesting it, your archers deal damage to the gods, and you can do what you want with given choice.

    - Using the refire on the infantry is for clearing waves, or dealing the rest of the damage on a god to finish them off. I highly suggest you don't use the refire on clearing the camps in jungle, as I said before if you are auto attack focus you can have the jungle creatures focused on the infantry while you attack the creeps without taking damage because the infantry are contesting it plus the archers's fire hazard with the infantry's cone will deal the damage you need.

    - Use the archers's additional damage and refire on infantry for chasing, and archer's cripple, infantry's cone for retreating.
    Similarities (Disclaimer: This ability still is unique but like every ability in the game they relate to another ability.): Cao Cao's archers are like Artemis's Suppress the Isolent, except it's a box, and the flaming arrows don't slow they cripple, and create a floor hazard like Poseidon's Whirlpool. Cao Cao's infantry are like Anubis's Plague of Locusts with less damage and grant protection but can be refired into a charge/dash for the infantry that does the rest of the damages and removes the given protection from Cao Cao.

    Ability Type: Cone and Ground Target
    Arrow Hit Damage: 85/125/160/195/225 (+25% of your Magical Power)
    Flame Damage per Tick: 15/30/45/60/95 (+35% of your magical power) ticks per .5 per 3 seconds
    Infantry Damage per Tick: 35/50/75/95/120 (+55% of your magical power) ticks per .5 per 3 seconds
    Infantry Charge Damage: 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% of remaining ticks. (+27% of your Magical power)
    Cripple on Arrow Hit: 3 seconds
    Protections Granted on Infantry Tick: 5/10/15/20/25
    Mana Cost: 90
    Cooldown: 15s

    Third Ability - For the Emperor!
    Long Description: This ability will remain inactive yet has a stance swapping mechanism which be explained later, and can't be used unless an enemy is in combat, Cao Cao is in combat, or a teammate is in combat within 60 ft. Cao Cao locks onto either a teammate, or an enemy, depending on who he picks. A horse with either a consultant of Cao's (if the teammate is selected) or a general of Cao's (if the enemy is selected) rushes toward the target this can be canceled, within this there is 6 stances two different types of stances, the consultant type and the general type.

    Within these three stances are six different pets for six different plays but two different play-styles.

    The Consultant stance is a defensive playstyle, containing three of Cao Cao's most notable consultants that grant one thing different from the other.

    - Xun Yu - Escort! Once the horse reaches to the ally, Xun Yu drops a scroll, the ally is given a small movement speed to retreat from the battle or to chase down the enemies, this lasts for three seconds.
    - Guo Jia - Knowledge! Once the horse reaches to the ally, Guo Ji drops a letter, the ally is given a brief ward that spot all enemies around them within 50 ft to avoid a gank, this lasts for a second.
    - Jia Xu - Support! Once the horse reaches to the ally, Jia Xu drops a herb, the ally is given a small heal and restore of 25% of their mana.

    The General stance is a offensive playstyle, containing three of Cao Cao's most notable generals that grant one thing different from the other.

    - Dian Wei - Sacrifice! Both Cao Cao and Dian Wei drop at the enemy's location, as Dian Wei spins around weilding the pair of jis, dealing a small amount of tick damage, slowing enemies, and can be killed with two basic attacks. Cao Cao isn't given any buffs.
    - Cao Ren - Siege! Cao Cao can take 15% increased damage on the horse if he takes the risky Cao Ren, yet taking this risk comes with great reward as Cao Ren slices at the enemy if hit the enemy has 25% reduced protections for five seconds and disarms them for two seconds, Cao Cao drops from horse after the swing, and can attack the enemy.
    - Zhang Liao - Charge! If Zhang Liao is picked, Zhang Liao gives you a sharpened general sword (same model as Cao Cao's sword just with a purple aura), this buffs your damage by 15%, and each subsequent basic attack will deal additional damage.

    The downside on this ability is that it requires someone to be in combat, and this ability has a longer cooldown than his 1 & 2.
    Cao Cao has no control over how the horse moves. Targets need to be in line of sight, and not behind a wall. Cao Cao can't attack on the horse. The horse is not CC immune but Cao Cao is meaning if a Cao Cao is hit with a stun while on the horse, Cao Cao instead falls off the horse and isn't given any of the effects but will not take the stun.

    Summary: 2 stances, with three pets in each stance, high mobility on a horse, can be damaged on the horse, Cao Cao can cancel the horse, and drop down with no additional effects. All additional effects on player, ally, and enemy can only apply once the pet reaches the target, and Cao Cao has gotten off the horse.

    In-Game Description: If a enemy, or an ally is spotted in combat, Cao Cao and one of the three consultants or one of the three generals get on a horse with Cao Cao. Rushing towards the target, and applies the effects listed according to the general or consultant.

    Appearance: Hitting your three will open a UI interaction with a circle like the Morrigan Ult, on one side has the Generals, and the other has the Consultants, this will be displayed with a sword icon on one side, and a health icon on the other. Color difference as well. When this ability is inactive, you can still pick which one you want. For example, I hit 3 and I pick Cao Ren as a General, and Xun Yu as a Consultant so when the ability is active I hit the three and the animation/UI will switch to a Neith Ult like display only that it needs to have a god in line of sight, so I pick an ally with Gio Jia. As soon as the god is picked a horse spawns behind him with the Gio Jia riding it, and Cao Cao jumps onto the horse rushing towards the ally. Once you get there the horse stops, Cao Cao drops off, and Gio Jia drops the letter, immediately right after the ally gets the ward. The horse then turns around and runs back to where it was summoned and disappears.

    Ability Type: Area, Buff, Dash, Debuff
    Horse Speed: +25% to your current movement speed
    Xun Yun's Movement Speed Buff: 10/12/16/20/24.5% of Ally's Movement Speed
    Xun Yun's Movement Speed Duration: 3 Seconds
    Guo Jia's Ward Duration: 1s/1s/1s/2s/2s
    Guo Jia's Ward Range: 50/55/65/75/80 ft
    Jia Xu's Heal and Mana Restoration: 15% of Ally's health, and 25% of Ally's Mana
    Dian Wei's Spin Damage: 10/30/50/70/90 (+20% of your Magical power)
    Dian Wei's Slow: 15%
    Cao Ren's Damage Incoming on Cao Cao: 15/15/15/10/10% on horse
    Cao Ren's Protection Reduction on Target: 25/25/25/30/30% for 5 seconds
    Cao Ren's Disarm Duration: 2/2/2/3/3
    Zhang Liao's Sharpened Sword Duration: 15 seconds
    Zhang Liao's Sharpened Sword Buff: 15% of your Magical Power
    Zhang Liao's Sharpend Sword Subsequent Damage: +.5 per hit within 3 seconds, caps at +30.
    Range: 60 ft.
    Mana: 100/110/125/135/140
    Cooldown: 30s/28s/26s/24s/22s

    Similarities: Chernobog's ult and Athena's ult in one with a requirement of line of site, and the need to be in radius, with lesser stacks.

    Ultimate - Final Try to Unify China

    Long Description: If Cao Cao and his team is under attack, Cao Cao takes one last stand to unify China before he dies, when casted Cao Cao will be CC immuned, and if Cao Cao is hit with a basic attack once when he swings his sword fast, he parrys the basic attack and all abilities for one second then plunges his sword into the ground, causing the ground to shake, and quake, enemies are trembled for two seconds, and can escape before Cao Cao knocks up all enemies within 30 ft, the radius now gives all allies a buff called Undying Ambition, their attack speeds are increased, and movement speeds. Once leaving the circle the buff lasts for 5 seconds, while Cao Cao's lasts for 10 seconds.

    Summary: Cao Cao will parry oncoming basic attacks, if one basic attack is parried Cao Cao becomes CC immune and plunges his General Sword to the ground, instantly causing earthquakes within 30 ft. Trembling all enemies (all enemies can escape with an mobility ability), within two seconds all enemies will be knocked up, and the circle becomes a buff to allies granting attack speed, and movement speed. This buff will stay with them for 5 seconds if they leave, and 10 for Cao Cao.

    In-Game Description: Cao Cao won't give up on unifying China, Cao Cao will parry an oncoming attack, if parried, Cao Cao trembles the ground within 30ft, within two seconds he will knock up enemies and grant allies within 30ft Undying Ambition buff.

    Appearance: The marker will be an blue X swing in front of Cao Cao, and a purple 30 ft radius market. Cracks will appear, and screens will shake a bit to show tremble. Once Cao Cao parried the attack, he will be all yellow for CC immunity.

    Disclaimer: This parry only triggers on basic attacks not abilities.

    Ability Type: Area and AOE
    Parry Damage back to Enemy: 90/130/175/225/250 (+20 of your magical power)
    Tremble Duration: 2 seconds
    Tremble Damage: 11/26/38/43/59 (+15% of your magical power) every 0.5s.
    Knock-up Damage: 250/400/550/650/800 (+55% of your magical power)
    Unification Circle Attack Speed Buff: 10%/20%/25%/30%/35%
    Unification Movement Speed Buff: 25%
    Undying Ambition Buff Duration: 5 seconds for allies, 10 for Cao Cao.
    Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180/200
    Cooldown: 80/75/70/65/60s

    That is the end of Cao Cao's kit.

    Cao Cao Voice Lines:
    Taunt: "My name is Cao Cao. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    Quip: "I'd rather betray the world, than let the world betray me."
    Taunt to Guan Yu: "Remember that time I took you as a prisoner? Good times, indeed."
    Taunt to Zhong Kui: "Speaking of the devil, don't make me remind you of Lu Bu."

    This is my first God Concept ever, feel free to give some criticism I may have over did things, made things too long but I'm sure if SMITE ever wanted to take this into consideration they would adapt it their way. Thank you, and see you for the next God of Greek Mythology, Atlas.

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    Feel free to respond!

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    I will give you the blatant truth

    this god concept needs MASSIVE simplification

    much of the extra descriptions you included aren't needed

    outside of that, there are other problems, but those would need to be addressed after the fix

    if you want an example of what I mean by simplification

    that was my first god concept
    i tried to keep things simple while also making sure my idea got across

    I have two other god concepts that follow this trend

    sadly I never got around to properly finishing Brigid [forgot to do her stats]
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