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Thread: Pen nerfs + Defense buffs: You need to make a choice

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    at the point everyone has 3-4 items 15 physical protections falls off. On gauntlet of Thebes that item makes the aura work better because it gives 10 on each stat and covers both defense stats which help support durability. It basically does HW and Sov's job in one item. Even if the item only gives hp initially in the early game hp scales better so as it gets stacks the time becomes more powerful so it compresses two items into 1 slot

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    Yeah for conq thebes is pretty nice. If enemy have a xbal, chu chu and thor or smth I think thebes + sover can be a good idea. You put your squish to like 60-100 prots with these 2 which is enough to make Titans somewhat worthwhile to buy for both enemy assass and warrior, and forcing them into a low power item that offers nothing else but pen, is pretty big. Same thing with comboing thebes and HW, if enemy has heavy magical aoe that is hard to avoid then it does a lot of work for your team. You can have 2 slots for just defensive auras as support, you only start lacking in other areas when you go beyond 2 auras really. In other modes I think waiting for thebes can be tricky and I do not play a lot of conq so I usually think past it.
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