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Thread: Update Thoth ability description

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    Update Thoth ability description

    I'm new-ish to Smite but having played both League of Legends and Dota 2 I know how to look for possible synergies.

    Which is why I'm here. When looking at Thoth's abilities and seeing that the Hieroglyphic Assault was described as a pretty simple basic attack enhancer (my favorite type of ability from other games) I began looking through the items and found one called "Telkhine's Ring" which, theoretically, would raise the scaling of Hieroglyphic Assault from 20% to 35%.
    Needless to say I played a game with it and when we inevitably lost one of my teammates berated my choice of item.

    This confused me to a large degree as it seemed like a reasonable choice for Thoth.

    So I went looking for different builds and not seeing any that suggested building either Telkhines or Polynomicon I grew even more confused considering the ability is his primary damage.

    It wasn't until I came across a post from over a year ago that I finally understood, kind of.
    Supposedly there is a patch note shortly after Thoths release that states that Hieroglyphic Assault was designed to not gain bonuses from either attack speed or basic attack enhancing items, though I can't find that patch note anywhere.

    Why in the heck is this not spelled out? Not all of us were around when Thoth was released and there is absolutely nothing anywhere to warn newcomers like myself that the ability doesn't work like it is described.

    If anything the description should be something like "Thoth's next three basic attacks instead shoot out an orb that passes through enemies" instead of "Thoth's next three basic attacks penetrate all enemies." that would make it clear that the three orbs are indeed not actual basic attacks and are instead a part of an ability.

    The fact that it took me over 3 hours of searching to find even that small amount of information should raise some alarms.

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    Yes there are other abilites like this that have dont interact with item like normal without having the propper description for this like Amc 2 that doesnt proc item like crusher.
    Thing with Sol and Thot is that their main clear is uniqe because they can hold the ability and dont have to use it. The pros are that you can use it in advance to regain mana and your ability is ready any time.
    The drawback is to ballance this is that they can be dissarmed.

    I agree the item description is missleading, but at least for Sol its actually a feature from release where her 2 could proc poly and other basic attacks effects.

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