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Thread: Mage boots

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    Mage boots

    Shoes of the Magis 75 power
    Shoes of Focus 55 power, 250 mana, 10% cooldown.

    Magies used to give 10 pen which is insanely good for most character as pen is aways value, unlike the little power difference between the two boots.

    Now Magis shoes only gives 20 more power, which is not equal to 250 mana and 10% cooldown. Cooldown being one of the most important stats besides power.
    Also with Book of Thoth, focus shoes gives an additonal 22 power when Book is fully stacked. Making it more powerfull than Magis in every way.

    Magis simply need more power in order for it to be valuable. It should be an item picked for damage instead of utility which is what focus gives.
    Honestly I think focus shoes are actually the problem as they give to much good stuff for Mages at least and should have its power reduced.
    Problem here is that this is a indirect nerf to guardians. Guardians as support have been in a bad positon for well over a year now. Nerfing guardians in the support role is not cool as it is where they bellong and they have long been outperformed by assassins and therefore if any changes should be maid, it should be to Magis.
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