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Thread: OFFICIAL WORD on Loki rework, requires community feedback

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    Exclamation OFFICIAL WORD on Loki rework, requires community feedback

    (surprised to find no topic here on this but then this forum is not a place that Titanforge seems to look at anymore.)

    Its happening.
    It is ACTUALLY happening.
    At least the discussion is.

    News Post

    Duke Sloth video

    reddit thread, probably the only place you would get official notice if that matters, never seen Titanforge respond to Forum stuff.

    Tweet Poll

    None of this is finalized, everything is up for discussion.
    If it does not work out, the Loki rework gets pushed back to a later time otherwise could go on PTS around time for Mid-Season Patch.

    THEY WOULD GET CHANGE THE DECOY and actually give him a real ability in his 2. This alone is worth it.
    Possible change to his 3, minor changes to Passive, Stealth and Ult plus the Basic Attack first hit nerf is reverted.

    My only question now is on the 1 with the delay before going Full Stealth, what happens if activated then Basic Attack before Full Stealth is achieved?

    Otherwise I am sure THIS is how a majority of the community feel.

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    Lightbulb Rework revision suggestion

    The rework idea seems pretty solid, but I wouldn't really make the ultimate a 2-proc or the 3 a flurry attack. Instead, I would make Aimed Strike be 2 daggers that are thrown separately and in dart-like motion while slowing players when hit from behind. His ultimate, Assassinate, can then be a teleporting damage ability that instead of stunning would make the target breathless, disabling auto-attacks and abilities, while giving a one-use ability stim which can either make him damage-immune while vanished, give more procs with Agonizing Venom (or at least make the debuff proc with fewer stacks), and make Aimed Strike stun when hitting behind enemy gods, either with 1 and 1.5 seconds to two enemy gods, or just 1.5 on a single target when hit with both. Cleans up the kit quite nicely, plus it motivates players to decide carefully if they should use their 1 before or after the ultimate.

    Other minor suggestions I could give are to make Loki knockback-immune while in Vanish so that I can see Loki players walking past knockback abilities instead of them being knocked back, and to allow Loki to hit with his passive when hitting from the sides of enemies as well as the back so that they can have just as easy of a time to proc passives as Medusa's ult.
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    I think seems interesting, solves his super split push problem/tactic. My most worry is ult, how easy is it to stop loki from stunning and landing damage with the 2nd part off it. Cause loki is all about that instant backline burst and stun, so how much thought and effort goes into the ult will be deciding factor I think. Giving him some aoe dmg is nice so that he can actually teamfight and combo a bit.

    I am seriously gonna miss the Thanna - Loki match up though. Good lokis blocking your scythe is so annoying but it feels totally fair as that is pretty much all he can do with that ability vs a thanna and its not the easiest play to pull off either.
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