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Thread: Remove the Surrender option.

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    Remove the Surrender option.

    The Surrender option has made the game almost unplayable. Every match has little to do with lanes or cores or towers it's mostly waiting to see who throws first. I've heard the surrenderers say "But it saves time if we're going to lose" but with a surrender everyone on both sides loses , again and again waiting for an actual match. I've played for hours at a time to only get 1 complete , to the core, finish. That turns the entire game into a complete waste of time. Even if you win, you lose.

    This game is painful to play pvp because the only gameplay mechanic that matters in most of the matches is the Surrender: Cowardice of the Gods.

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    There needs to be a feature for me and the rest of the F7 army to automatically vote no and never have the surrender HUD appear.
    it's distracting and shows how much of a pussy my teammate/s are.

    Idgaf if someone is trash at their role, man I'm trash at adc but idgaf. I put up with that crap and do my job even if I do good or not.

    People who vote yes on surrender are selfish children who want nothing but victory, they're like spoilt brats who were told by their parents that they're special and that they're the best thing in the world. They live off benefits, their parents work for them to have a roof over their head, the guy who wants everything to be perfect. But no.

    Us people have to deal with our issues as an individual and as a team.

    You need to adapt to the challenge and keep on working yourself, to improve yourself, it is okay to fail ffs, but don't ever fucking give up or act like a crying baby. No one cares. If you can't step up to the challenge then why do you even play the game?

    But for real tho: Every match I always see some pussy rage quitting or spamming surrender on either team.
    Some games have been going normally but because of one failed team fight, people instantly surrender at 11 minutes... And my team would be like 9 kills to enemy's 11 kills.

    Also us F7 warriors should get access to special rewards like.

    *More exp, favor, worshiper per match.
    *Get to steal exp, favor, worshipers from rage quitters (people who fail to connect don't count)
    *Spend less money on gems and get access to better sales off gems and in store purchases.
    *Global emote, death icon, level up.
    *Have the power to give a daily ban to all 4 teammates who voted yes. (Quitters should never play any game. Quitters are not gamers.)

    For the whiny losers who keep rage quitting and spaming surrender should.

    *Account is cursed with icon, boarder with a white flag, they also lose access to using emotes, death icons, level up feats.
    *They are forbidden from all sales in the store on items and gems.
    *Add a quitters tax of 500 more gems to rub it in that they don't deserve the skin unless they fork over more money.
    *their matchmaking times are extended to 10 minutes with each queue up reminding them they're quitters.

    They can get out of the Quitter/Surrender jail by just playing 10 full games of not once voting yes on surrender. This also includes clan members and anyone in your party.

    I'm tired of seeing this game just end so quickly and seeing these losers just rage quit all the time. I don't see the point in playing the game anymore until Hirez makes surrendering a harsh punishable feature.

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    I think that now it’s not bad. Every day someone does rage quit and f6 button seems good.

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