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Thread: I encourage the devs to watch this video

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    I encourage the devs to watch this video

    Watch the following video and while you are watching it ask yourself and honestly respond to the following question: "Wouldn't Smite's community uproariously shout out and meme 'delete Riven'!"

    There is a reason LoL is a MOBA that has lasted for so long and has such a thoughtful community. Riot has carefully fostered the community, it is not something that happens automatically. If they had appealed to the lowest common denominator at every step of development and their champions were chameleons constantly shapeshifting, would they have retained the same community?

    Here is a bonus video that you should watch explaining the concept of "Perfect Imbalance":

    I am often critical of the dev team. But, know that I'm critical because I care, it is not irrational acrimony.
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