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Thread: Crusher+heartseeker+arondight=gg ez

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    Crusher+heartseeker+arondight=gg ez

    So when are we gonna see a change to these items that lets assassins like susano with 3 damaging abilites that are super easy to hit being able to dish out 160 dmg from crusher + 240 dmg from heartseeker with one use of his kit?

    Or Thanathos with Arondight, crusher and heartseerker can now 0-100 anyone with his ult like thor. So now he got thor ult except his also executes and heals him for a million hp.
    Lets see Ult 300 dmg, scyte 600 dmg, basic with hydras 600 dmg, crusher+arond+heartseerker 360+ dmg
    =1860+ dmg. So he can litteraly execute most squishies at 100% hp and still kill tanks with 1k+ hp with ez.

    And while we are at it Blackthorns is still busted. It makes any assassin as tanky as your full defence 4000 hp ymir because they get a million hp from this item and that 10% cooldown is enough for them to either escape ever time or to win in longer engagments(which is unfair as thats the warriors role and not the superhigh damage assassins)
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    Assassins are meant to be the class who can 0-100 on a single target, hence the name Assassin.

    As far as items go, Crusher has not been picked up as much since its nerf.

    Heartseeker is strong, but at least its expensive. My guess is the devs are holding off on touching this item until the first round of SPL.

    Arondight though, provides a lot of power (75), 10% CDR and a good passive for a pretty good price at 2600. Its probably the best price to physical power ratio in the game. Shifter's shield provides 5 less power at 200 gold cheaper, but a less useful passive for DPS.

    My guess is though, that much like Heartseeker, the devs are holding off on touching Arondight and all the other Arthurian items (Fail-not, Staff of Myrddin, Pridwen) until the first round of SPL.

    Unsure about the current state of Blackthorn. Haven't built it enough, since I only just came back couple of months ago after taking my 3rd/4th break from Smite.

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