So I'm playing on PS4 these days, and I'm really, really liking Persephone as a mage main. Except, when I meet players who actually know how to deal with her, it's a living nightmare. It's perfectly fine to get overpowered now and then, Persephone can be a very all-or-nothing kinda character, but I feel like I'm missing something.

So people can avoid her homing plants by running into them and skipping past their attack cone, or just run away from them. This makes P a hard burst mage to use since it's heavily unreliable. It makes for fantastic combos and situations at times, but it's often a 50/50 deal where you have no clue if your main damaging skill is gonna be of any use.

So I don't know whether to use her as a burst mage, a support, or anything else for that matter. Online guides weren't exactly clear on the "how" of things, so I'm asking here if you have some useful tips and strategies with her.