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    Angry Every time...

    This has been an ongoing problem I've had with this game for a long time. I don't remember when these issues started but I have ignored them long enough. It seems every other game I either lag out or my fps drops in the middle of the match. It doesn't matter if I am at home alone and have all the bandwidth to myself or if someone is streaming Netflix in the next room I consistently have this issue. I have tried so many things to fix this inane problem to no avail. It's like the game doesn't want me to play. I have no issue with other multiplayer games weather its CS:GO, Halo, Garry's Mod, etc. this game is the one that doesn't work half the time. Today blew a fuse in my head as I was in a close match and I got a disconnection from the server. When I reconnected I was in the main menu where the only button to be seen was the back button in the top left corner (and it didn't even work). I had to force close the game and restart it to a 30 Minute deserter penalty. I love playing this game. I defend its flaws and weak designs because I know Hi-Rez staff is working hard to keep game play enjoyable and interesting but the only thing I can't defend is weak server connections that literally make the game a drag to play.

    My main point besides this rant is does anyone have any solutions to this predicament because the one thing that sets me off the most is lag and poor connectivity.

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    I had the same issue i have a 64 bit pc and i was using the 64 client try using the 32 bit and see if it helps in my case helped me !

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