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Thread: Chaac rework ideas

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    Chaac rework ideas

    I think it's time Chaac gets some rework. He's not very viable in the current meta and actaully hasn't been for a while. I can see either Thunder Strike (axe) getting a stun in the centre, kind of like a Bellona ult, or a rework on Torrent. If he is teleporting to the axe, he will stun enemies around and if he is not teleporting, he gains protections, the way it is right now. What do you think?

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    I really like chaac played him a lot for many years. I could see him getting some slight buff. Personally I prefer a bit more power scaling on his stuff. Chaac is most fun when you can chunk with his abilities and the way meta is now you easily become to squishy trying to get some dmg going playing chaac, or build heaps of dmg and enemy goes hybrid and you don't do anyting to them, or you try and gank a squish and they live with 10%hp despite you building really high dmg and pen. Just a little more dmg and I be super happy, way to often I go in with everything as chaac and see people run with 5% hp.

    last option is building him like an adc and it works and has always worked, you deal nice dmg then. But really is troll build only fit for some 1v1s.
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