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Thread: The devs should have supported Arena game-mode more

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    The devs should have supported Arena game-mode more

    A large part of what makes the conquest mode fun in other games like LoL is missed out in Smite due to the 3rd person perspective. That is, you can spectate the other lanes clearly. On top of this, the maps in those games seem to be much bigger especially in the middle, this makes it so that in the early game lanes are much more seperated resulting in much more isolated gameplay 1v1/ 2v2. Movement from lane to lane represents a significant time investment and loss of farm. A failed gank is therefore much more costly.

    I personally don't like the Conquest game mode in Smite, but love it in LoL. I love the Arena game mode in Smite, it's the game mode I play the most.

    By "supporting" Arena game mode I only mean sponsoring more Arena tournaments. The few Arena tournaments that took place in the past (Alienware Arena Cup for instance) were very enjoyable for meto watch.

    I remember reading that Arena was the most popular casual game mode, even more popular than Conquest. I don't know if the trend still persists. But, I can see why it's the most played. It's the most fun in my opinion. And, it doesn't get less fun as you play it more and more, in fact it gets more fun as you learn the nuances of how minion pressure in the game mode works.

    Minions mean a lot in LoL, but they don't mean nearly as much in Smite's Conquest mode. They are too easy to clear and late game guardians can simply tank towers and receive minimal damage and therefore not rely on minion waves. Minions in Arena seem to mean a lot more based on my experience. Low wave clear comps or parties not paying attention to minions will have a very difficult time winning. Minions going in portal represent a large number of points.

    In the mid game it's important to decide whether to go for camps or keep minion pressure balanced. Teams that have good wave clear will take advantage the absence and create huge pressure.

    Ofcourse I know people will come here and say that Arena is not a competitive game mode. I say: According to whom? The Alienware Arena Cups was very competitive and enjoyable to watch. Also, why is it that only Conquest must be competitive? The perception is just based on established dogma. Before the dota popularized the conquest game mode, was it a given that this is the only game mode that can ever be good?

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    missing the entire point of conquest
    what a scrub lmao
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