I just returned to smite last week. I love this game. I've played it on and off for years. I burn out but always return.

I started on the PC, then console, and back to PC.

You always hear about match making issues - and if you look at the first or second page it is a popular topic.

What I do not see though - is nearly as much talk about AFK/disconnected players.

Either from the start or shortly after a game is favoring one team over the other.

Is there no stat tracker for this? Its easy to track every is level 15-20 before a game ends and another player is level 5 at the fountain.

Since returning last week I've supported the game with a hugely over prices Odyssey Skin pack. Battle Pass. And the new quest thingy. I want to see this game continue to be supported.

But you need to punish afk/disconnects much more severly.

I estimate the % of games has to be 30-40 % in my games. Ranked, arena, casual , assault. It doesnt matter. One team or another has afk/disconnected players. Smite is simply not doing enough to punish/remove these players.

Its making the quality of the game low for those who do want to play and abide by the rules.

Vote vote vote for some harsher penalty for these abusers.