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Thread: Tyr Powercurve

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    Tyr Powercurve

    Can we change this guys powercure?

    Tyr is riddicoules bad early game in solo lane, but it doesnt matter cause he scales so high mid game that all you have done against him doesnt matter. Hell still be as strong as whoever you played and recked his early game with, which is everyone.
    Being a lategame character doesnt mean you insantly lose early game and that your guaranteed to win lategame. Same for early game characters.
    Tyr breaks this completly, he is guaranteed to win mid game cause his powercurve spikes so hard at lvl 8-10 ish, hell just steamroll the rest of your game like if he had a super good early game and went 20/0 against enemy solo laner.

    Things to take a look at is his power gained/protection gained from his 3 and the Cooldowns on his abilites and the healing he gains from his 2.

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    Tyr is fine, git gud
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