It doesn’t happen every game but ever since season seven I have noticed when I home teleport or use the tower glyph I have a chance of getting a software error. Unlike before when I could always just re-log after a crash I have not been able to re log into a match ever since season seven.

It is getting very frustrating, because my abandoner penalty keeps going up and it’s not even my fault. I really hope it gets resolved soon because I get locked out for almost an hour only to come back after the match is over and I have a penalty.

So to be exact as to what happens, I will be playing a match of conquest and when I use a glyph to teleport to a tower, home teleport, or even simply die, the game will crash and a message will appear saying “The software was closed due to an error.” I will then restart the application and get past the lobby loading screen, but then get stuck on the match loading screen. The loading symbol will spin, and it will just stay there forever until I restart the software and the match is over.

It has happened twice to me today within a two hour period and now my penalty is 40 minutes and climbing.