I mean, how can this be? Persians were arguably one of, if not the most, powerful nation of the ancient world and their culture spans from ancient greece and well into the period of romans. They were basically Greece and Rome's number 1 neighbor and played a significant part in history.

This is a culture rich in Mythology. So you mean to tell me, that a game that has Roman, Greek, Mayan, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, HINDU heck even Arthurian and Yoruba (YORUBA!) gods absolutely avoided putting babylonian or persian gods into its' game?

is this intentional? or just a very bad oversight? this is just sad.

Which means I have alot of educating and fan-concepts to upload here. just thought I should drop this here, Persia had indeed quite a big pantheon before they were conquered by Arab invaders and changed their religion and faith from Zoroasterian to Islam.