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Thread: Description update OR adjustment: Knockup/knockback

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    Question Description update OR adjustment: Knockup/knockback

    From this recent Odin rework, after a few matches as a King Arthur facing the new Odin - I stumbled across confusion when I could not use uppercut to KNOCKUP while he is channeling his 'Gungnir's Might' which makes him immune to KNOCKBACK.

    I understand that this isn't something new to the game, other gods such as Ares and Guan Yu have similar traits in their abilities but after reviewing the description of this and other abilities from other gods with similar traits from channeled abilities (Ares and Guan Yu are the first off the top of my head) , I am curious as to why there isn't a difference when talking about a knockup (being pushed/pulled straight up in the same spot) as opposed to knockback (a push in a specific direction).

    I won't bother digging through and listing any contradictions or specific interactions that may be silly mechanical exceptions based on terminology, but I feel that it would be great to accurately know what to expect.

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    Because Uppercut applies both a knock back AND a knock up. If a god has an immunity to one of them, they'll get immunity to both if an ability applies both at the same time provided it doesn't also apply a tertiary effect like a stun or something else that would apply first (Hercules Dash applies the stun first I believe then the knock back which would effectively stop the immunity from the ability allowing him to push his target).

    Some abilities only apply a knock up (Nike, Sylvanus, Bacchus, Awilix, Chu Chullain, Ganesha, Hera, Horus, etc), some only apply a knock back (Aphrodite, Anhur, Hercules Dash are the only 3 I believe that have a knock back effect without a knock up effect as well). Majority apply both (Vulcan meatball, Hercules pluck, sobek pluck, etc etc etc).

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