More of a rant/vent but how do you deal with Morrigan? She literally ruins every game I play and is from what I'm seeing fully uncounterable like how do you stop her? Wards don't help and I play a lot of casual so I don't even get the luxury of counter picking her.

Mantle of discord doesn't help, beads doesn't help, mystic doesn't help grouping up doesn't help if she can ult into a tank god like xing and she can set us up for another xing ult how do you deal with this god and why hasn't she gotten the Loki treatment if she is far beyond him?! How do you counter this god because I'm seeing a lot more of her thanks to Hi-Rez giving her a skin and how do I deal with her in lane if she is tower camping and there are gods like Xing she can become to throw me into tower and kill me?! Again I've tried everything and I've even tried "silence gods" but majority of them fucking suck Nox is crap and I legit need to know where Morrigan is prior to even do shit and Hades well it's Hades... and Ganesha I can't always play him so someone tell me what is the key to even beating her especially in casual conquest?

Hi-Rez give her the Loki treatment please I find it stupid that Loki who can actually be countered was nerfed to hell because he is "unfun" but Morrigan is allowed to be a thing and she can nearly one shot a squish off her abilities and not even her ult LOGIC?!