I'm having a very hard time adjusting to the new Joust map and the item changes, to the point where each match on the new map is just a confusing haze and I have no clue what I should be building and *why* I should be building those items. For example, I am frequently told that Heartseeker is an excellent item, to the point that certain gods like Camazotz or Achilles can build it and nothing else but defense items and still perform remarkably well (I have not tested this myself). I have also heard that the antiheal items have become some of the most important in the game, once again, for reasons that seem to have eluded me.
I'm curious to know what the joust players in this forum have taken to doing as their new strategy for the joust map, and what everyone in general thinks about the state of the item balance; what are good items and who can use them well, what items are worse in this meta; so on and so forth.
The "whys" are also very important, I'm hoping to build a wider understanding of the mechanics of Smite, so be sure to include your logical reasoning in this discussion.