Sorry for the hard oof's, but this is facts, hard plain cold TRUTH right here.

I've sent in a 3 tickets in regarding my worshippers being completely blank, and my history tab being completely blank too, and yet nothing.

And now the dev team has fucked up the recent patch with black images and store having black images too?

Okay so this is what I have an issue with, beside the things above: the support and develeoper team needs to tad down a bit when it comes to patches, sure I can agree that they can't check just EVERYTHING, and sometimes you make mistakes, however, here's the nail in the fucking coffin,

You guys don't listen to people sending in tickets, and the support team is throwing away important tickets that are there to HELP your game be great, or do you guys want a game filled with bugs everywhere?
Do better, you guys didn't coast through all these years by sending out expensive limitations of skins, it is the PLAYERS that you guys need to listen to and start to take seriously, cause otherwise this game will be on its brink of death very soon.

Here are the images that I've been talking about, and this is not the first time I've been needing to do this.
Oh and I still have the god damn old Patch, and updating the game or reinstalling it doesnt seem to FUCKING work???

Also, inb4 some slacktivist is gonna be locking the thread cause i'm abrasive about the facts, and they need to kiss up to the dev team.