Yesterday I go to play Smite but can't because of a 17 GB update...

So I uninstall and then download the standalone client because I refuse to be forced into steam and have been playing Smite since 2014 without steam. I then play 6 games no prob.

Today I go to play and it turns out the shortcut to play smite no longer works because the relevant file (HiRezLauncherUI.exe) has been 'moved or changed' since last night.

Go to uninstall hi-rez studios and I get and error that says FakeDiagTool has stopped working. Nice.

Previously, almost every major 'update' has broken my client forcing me to uninstall/reinstall each with it's own time wasting peculiarities until it finally works again.

At times, I've taken months off of smite involuntarily because a build is corrupt for a large percentage of the community until the next update.

I purchased the ultimate god pack on steam back in 2014 only to support the devs and not because I wanted 'access' to all the gods. I still play the game without the god pack.

This game is simultaneously the best game of its genre while being maintained by the worst kind of 'developers'.

Since sometime 2016, lobotomized chimps have been holding the reigns.

Hey Lo-Derp, when you take your car in for an oil-change, does the mechanic also force you to re-upolster your seats, remove the alarm system, re-fit the AC, empty your gas tank then re-fill it, flood your carburetor and tell you it's because you drive a toyota, smash your windows then tell you it's because of how you drive, kick you in the balls and tell you it's because of your face, then make you buy some oily balls of muck to use as currency but that's not usable with any business except that one jiffy lube on skidrow?

This game will go down in history as the poster child of art destroyed by greed, mismanagement, and gross incompetence.

Ya'll remember Robocraft? Smite is Robocraft's molested step-son.