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Thread: RIP Smite 2020

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    RIP Smite 2020

    Yemoja is garbage and brain dead. Just hit 1 over and over and over. Bastet Ulti is trash, cats are useless. Odin is stupid more op then before. Like his slow wasn't enough now a root because he was having such a difficult time murdering a team. WHY IS JOUST OVERLY PURPLE!!!!! EVERYTHING IS PURPLE!!!!!!. STOP...WITH...THE...PURPLE!!!!! Why is there percentage magical penetration but not percentage physical penetration. Warriors are unkillable. I literally Wrapped an lvl 14 Ama with my lvl 15 Anubis and ultied and couldnt get her down to half health. I had Mages Blessing,Bancrofts, Mage boots, and Rod of Desolation. RIP SMITE 2020....Hello MHW ICEBORN.

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    lol what? I looked at items and mages are super? Everyone is playing mage in arena all time.

    getting 40% pene isn't even that hard. You can get 60% pene or smth now, I mean 40 was max before and before that 33.

    freya with a shogun backing support crazy.
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