Although Cu Chulainn can use Rage instead of consuming Mana, this has not given him an advantage, but he is constraining him: in order to obtain the pressing force on the solo line, he must enter Barserker. In normal state, Vage Anger cannot be used to accumulate Rage. As a result, Cu Chulainn actually has only two skills available in the normal state, but the rewards obtained in the barserker state are not huge. LV1 provides 30HP (4%), LV2 provides 50 (6%), and LV3 provides 70 (8%). ) Compared to the shields provided, Vent Anger ’s attack on local gods will result in more health loss due to being attacked by enemy soldiers, but Cu Chulainn does not have any recovery or increase defense or Damage Mitigation skills, hoping to strengthen Cu Chulainn's ability on the solo line, he can't be a WARRIOR now, and he can't serve as a guardian