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Thread: Aphrodite Passive Rework Idea

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    Lightbulb Aphrodite Passive Rework Idea

    Aphrodite has been at a weird spot, never being too good, but not the complete worst. Her current passive was made in mind when hi-rez were trying to push healer mages being bruiser/support. Since this is no longer the case, Aphrodite should get a new passive to match the other healers in potency.

    New Passive: Devoted Love

    When linked up with a teammate, Aphrodite will gain an additional 10 MP5(0.5+ per level) and her in combat healing is increased by 15%. If her linked teammate goes below 50% health, anti-heal will be reduced by 35% for 5 seconds (internal cooldown of 30 seconds).

    I feel like this would help her a lot with her mana sustain, her uniqueness in being a one person healer, and make her stand out and usable. Being able to counter anti-heal is quite rare, and asclepius isn't enough, so having a healer that can would shake things up and actually stop the powerhouse that anti-heal is.

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    I don't know if there's any need to change her kit.
    But there is clearly a need for an overall anti-heal cap; e.g. "active healing buffs are nullified", and perhaps the cap should be no more than 40% (If a healer is capped by no more than 40%, and a particular item or relic negates all bonus healing you've built into your kit, then it's only limiting you base healing (without rendering you completely inert)

    Thoughts anyone?

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    I thought recently something similar about it, but in fact her passive is totaly fine.
    Personally i just think her backoff is cool, but somehow just controverse of her actual being. Her passive says she is the center of attention and since she is the goddess of beatuy and love, she shouldn't push enemies back.
    She should simply reject their desire and love.
    So i would redesign her 2nd Ability like that..

    New Ability 2: Rejection
    Aphrodite rejects the love of an enemy god, dealing damage to him and breaks the enemy's heart, causing a 1s stun.
    If the enemy is charmed Rejection deals 10% more damage.

    So.. You maybe noticed the words "If the enemy is charmend [...]"
    To explain that a little more, i personally tuned her Kiss a little bit, but basically it's still the same.

    Ability 1: Kiss
    Aphrodite blows a kiss to an allied god, making him her soul mate and giving them both increased movement speed. If it hits an ally, it has a reduced 1s cooldown. If the kiss hits an enemy god he will be charmed and walks towards Aphrodite, being disabled. Her soul mate gets jealous, increasing his damage (Optional: and his attack speed).

    I thought her charming effect could last like 2s, but therefore her Kiss will get increased mana costs.
    Like that Aphrodite is able to displace enemies and in combination with her new Rejection ability, she is still able to stun.
    No slow needed, when you have more than just one hard cc (Yes, i do count charming effect as hard cc because it disables you completly while walking to Aphrodite!)

    Edit: I just noticed.. Rejection is without a Kiss pretty bad, because it is simply a limited backoff without knockback and slow ._.
    So I fixed my thoughts a little bit.
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