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Thread: The Titan is useless

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    The Titan is useless

    Don't you think that titan is the worst thing that could have been created to defend in smite?
    I explain your team dies, for example in a just, you are left alone against 3 enemies plus fire minions (which for me have too much life) and what can you do ?, NOTHING because the enemies throw skills from a safe area because the titan goes to the minions where they are hitting him and against that you cannot defend whatever you do, especially if you are a guardian and that is why you lose games. For me they would have to raise the life of the titan too much or that you can not hurt him with skills, or otherwise put a nexus as in the LoL or any moba that does not move because the aforementioned happens (the titan goes to the minions and the enemy hurts him without having to risk entering your area).

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    The titan doesn't do enough damage, and is too easy to kill. I played a joust where we dominated the other team, and their Loki solo'd the titan, with no minions, and not demon king, from full health to nothing, and we didn't get the audible "Your titan is under attack" until it died. Talk about a joke. Joust is no longer PvP, but PvE and you can just run to titan apparently.

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