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Thread: Suggestion: Deserter 3 warning Marks before banning time

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    Suggestion: Deserter 3 warning Marks before banning time

    Reason: The incredible amount of bugs plus the external servers having not many players, gives the game a really bad experience to newcomers and old players as well.
    The deserter banned time CAN'T be instant, there are a lot of problems with the game, or not being able to touch "play" because of the LONG TIME of waiting makes you just distracted in other things.
    a mark like
    My idea: Desrter marks give each player 3 warnings () before aplying a deserter debuff. Is not hard and this is what almost all games do to mantain players.

    This will allow the LAS Server and other small servers a litle bit of chance to play, YES I KNOW THERE ARE GOING TO BE 2 warning DESERTERS, just like right now but with less chance that it is a good player with bad luck in the crashing game.

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    Makes sense.

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