Hello all,

Since season 6 on console it is really hard to battle hybrid builds. Warriors and assassins build 2 tank items, are almost unkillable but still do damage like a normal assassin build. This is wrong it shouldn't be like this. I can't remember it being like this before season 5/6 because it wasn't like this. I'm at the point of uninstalling smite after 3 or 4 years because this is getting to me. I'm forced to play the strongest gods because there is no way you can beat these hybrids without them. It used to take skill to be a one man army but now it's just the builds, these hybrid builds that make you a one man army. Even if you don't have enough skill to outplay, the build does the work for you. Is this ever going to change or am I doomed to just uninstall like many do because of the many flawls lately?

I hope you all the best and I hope for an answer.