Hello everyone,

My name is Craig, I go by Raideyoh on PC and HunkeyDorey on most media platforms and PS4. Several years ago back in the beginning of smite I played through the beta and met a lot of great players, eventually I joined a team and we made our way to the season 1 SPL, unfortunately we were one of the first ones to get eliminated haha.

Shortly after that first round of SPL I started college, I was also working full time so there was very little time leftover for smite and at times I've went many months without playing at a time. Over the last 5 years I've worked hard to create a schedule that can allow some time for video games, and more so the communities I left behind.

I'm still pretty busy with work and family life but regardless of that I've decided to dedicate time each evening to play some Hirez games, mainly Smite and live stream while I play. I'm thinking 8pm - midnight will be my regular time that I can play, that's EST. So if you play around that time come find me in game!

Raideyoh : HunkeyDorey